I am a mom of 5... 3 are grown adults (31, 29 & 25 yrs old) & 2 are young little ones (9 & 4 yrs old)

I discovered & fell in love with Zumba fitness a few weeks after my 9 year old was born ...yes, I wanted to lose the pregnancy weight. It worked, I lost it all within a few months & in the process got totally hooked. 

When I started Zumba fitness classes I felt intimidated, my co-ordination was not what I wanted it to be, to say the least...I was shy, afraid that it would show, afraid that I would be laughed at, afraid to do the "wrong" move.....well, I did all of the wrong moves :-) I moved in the opposite direction, I felt awkward & not very pretty or graceful. 

This s the BEST part about the Zumba that I discovered, there is NO WRONG moves, I understood that all I had to do was move my body & have fun. I loved the music so moving my body was not hard....I wanted to dance even if I was not "a dancer"...

The same goes for yoga, my body still does not move in the way I would want it to, but happily I am a student as well as a teacher and this is a process...a beautiful journey. I am not afraid to keep learning and to keep moving....my body will follow. 

Today as an instructor   I aim to create an environment in our class that we can be silly....life is hard enough with all the stress, judgements & pressures....We need silly.... I feel that as women, we need & want to feel beautiful, feminine, sexy, graceful and loving....In class we do this....we feel all those things even if for just an hour. You dont have to be perfect, you dont even need to be good...just be willing.

This is just a building block for the rest of our day. We leave feeling less stress & a little happier....We get home smiling, singing or dancing, this affects our home & loved ones....they in turn are happier & more joyful.....and so the blocks to a happier healthier lifestyle is built. 

This has changed me & changed my life and I hope to share this feeling and experience in a class with you so you too can better your environment.

Come join me, be silly, be yourself, be healthier....Do something positive for yourself.

See you in class!


My certifications and licences:

Zumba fitness b1 & b2

Zumba Gold

Zumba Toning

Zumba kids & Zumba kids jnr

Plate by Zumba

R.E.D. Warrior

Yoga teacher 200hr


AFAA Group exercise certification

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